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Chemical member

  • NumberSeveral
  • WorkplaceJiangmen
  • DealNegotiable
  • Release Date2014-12-17
  • ValidityNo limit


Job Category: Mechanic / General Worker category of industrial / factory class

Requirements: male, middle school or higher education, 20 years old to 48 years old.
Salary: 2600 yuan to 4500 yuan / month (including room and board, overtime included), a stable salary each year.

(1) working hours (8:00 - 12:00 13:30 - 17:30) regular day shift, working six days a week, working eight hours a day, Sundays and national holidays, as the company production orders occasionally overtime, overtime at 1.5 times the extra.
(2) Salary: timing system, salary and performance bonuses for perfect attendance award post allowance yield seniority wage salary (worked for a month without leave, guarantee the end of 2600 yuan / month, exceeding the press actually payroll.)
(3) canteen: Free bag of food lunch and dinner (food standard 5 yuan / meal standards meals)
(4) Accommodation: Free encase new quarters (two room, with air conditioning, cable, private bathroom);
(5) working environment: a new plant, the new plant. Garden-style factory, beautiful environment.
(6) living area with a table tennis room, basketball court, badminton courts and other activities.
(7) All employees participate in the company each year group travel.
(8) There are year-end bonuses and paid leave system.
(9) post-job training in a month, there is room for improvement jobs.